Cheryl Cotman received a B.A. in Biology from Reed College and a M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts. Her work deals with science, and the hidden side of nature it reveals. An unusual method is involved. She becomes immersed in the concepts and methods of her topics, sometimes going so far as to engage in basic research, in search of an artistic direction or interpretation. The results often have a singular esthetic quality, combining a sense of the naggingly familiar (reflections of nature) and the strange (images of type never before seen). Her art has the potential of allowing the viewer to experience the presence of science in worlds outside its normal boundaries, as in how discoveries in the brain sciences affect the way we view human nature. Her artwork highlights essential concepts in a recent book, “Big Brain: The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence”. Cotman’s drawings have appeared in numerous scientific publications and meetings and were featured in a prominent monograph. Her work is part of the Creative Arts Agency collection and her larger works have been shown at various museums and galleries, including Norma Desmond Productions, JoAnne Artman Gallery, Oceanside Museum of Art, the Beall Center, Track 16 at Bergamot Station and the Basel Art Fair.