You can contact Susan Osborn at 619 890-6120 or

Interested in joining us?

We ask that you do!

Jurying for new members will be in October 2019. You may request an on-line application at

If you decide to apply you may find that having some of the best artists in San Diego County and on the West Coast as colleagues challenges you and helps you reach higher in your work and that the group as a whole provides inspiration and higher standards for all artists. In fact, one of our goals is building a legacy to upgrade the art of drawing on the West Coast for the benefit of all artists toiling in drawing idioms.

The members of West Coast Drawing are a talented bunch – and interesting, bright, fun people. I am constantly awed by the power of their presence and their accomplishments. If you apply and get in, I know you’ll consider it one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself. Ten years down the road, you may consider it pivotal in your art career.

As a new member, you will be eligible to participate. I hope this peaks your interest.