Artist Statement

When I was eighteen, I had developed a great interest in European modern art and began exploring a wide range of techniques and styles in my art works.  Although I have never been formally trained, I have studied under established artists including Ching-Jung Chen, one of the best drawing masters in Taiwan and the art professor at NationalTaiwanNormalUniversity.  My drawings, when submitted in competition with many other competitive academic artists, were selected to be exhibited along with finalists in the National Museum of History in Taiwan.

Over the years, I have attempted to capture the beauty of human emotions in an abstract form.   In the “Dancing the Lines” series, for example, the radiance of lines symbolizes hope, one of our most precious emotions.  While we struggle, as represented in the apparently chaotic composition, our hope is often intensified as it becomes more important to us.  The brilliance of hope, especially in the midst of severe struggles, is the essence of my “Dancing the Lines” series.

My desire to represent the beauty of human emotion is based on my faith in humans and the beauty that is within all of us.  I hope through the recognition of those things my art can become a channel of healing for the darkness and brokenness that exist in our world today.  I believe the purity of art can be an invaluable therapy to human souls.

I have been drawing with traditional mediums for twenty-eight years. In my Zen Buddhist meditation practice, the lines bend like a reed in the breeze,  or soar freely as a bird above a cliff, thousands of lines dancing in my mind. The inner world is clean, clear and full of fresh air. Thousands of lines move as a wave. The secrets of the universe are revealed.

Music, especially classical symphony, also shapes these visions. I draw the feelings the music brings forth, the expansive sense of flying over mountains, rivers, and oceans.

I have been an abstract drawing artist for many years, concerned with line, shape, composition and concept. The meditation allows me to expand creatively while using an ultra-contemporary art forms with limitless potential.

Drawing for me is an experimental adventure, a profound form of play.