It comes down to ones world view. Some are lucky enough to develop a world view through acquisition of unbiased knowledge, but the world view of many is preordained by culture, or manipulated by institutions. The world today is striking in its defined sides. How can there be such distinct good and evil in the world while everyone in their heart is on the side of good and clearly sees the side of evil? What of technology? It will undoubtedly bring us wonders. Will it be our redeemer? Will we need a redeemer? Will the technology we surrender ourselves to be the downfall we need redemption from? It’s fascinating how meanings can change depending on point of view.

While these works don’t necessarily have specific meanings, they can be seen as making some kind of sense, if not logically, then at a gut level that might not always be explainable. Meaning comes from the image. The goal is for an image that works on an immediate level but can also be appreciated in a deeper way. Hopefully viewers will find something in an image that is personal to themselves.

These images can be, to some degree disturbing, as the world can be disturbing, but that doesn’t mean one cannot still be amused.